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How To Talk To Canadians the right way

‘Wanna know how to have a wonderful talks with Canadians the right way in your first meet up?

Learn it directly from Canadian Government Cheat Sheet.

As Canadians, we are known for our welcoming and polite manner that we take with us across the globe. While we may often view ourselves as approachable people, it turns out that many people are wondering what to do when they actually meet a Canadian in person. Due to this, the Government of Canada has just released a cheat sheet on how to start conversations with Canadians, and some of the answers are hilarious.

Cheat Sheet from the Canadians Government [Explained]

In the Global Affairs section of the Government of Canada website, there is a section that teaches travelers and newcomers the right etiquette when coming to our nation for the first time. While many of these pages include useful tips such as popular Canadian activities, historical events, and the style of dress, one section is dedicated entirely to how to have a conversation with a Canadian.

According to the Global Affairs page, when meeting a Canadian for the first time it is important to keep the conversation light and focus on a variety of topics that many Canadians are often interested in.

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Don’t know what topics to talk about? The website urges first-time travelers to discuss topics such as the weather, hockey, Canadian musicians, and even beer. All amazing Canadian topics that are constantly addressed throughout our nation.

How to Impress Canadians

What’s even better, is that the website also gives hints on how to impress Canadians. One point suggests telling Canadians that they are different from the United States, as it’s sure to make Canadians take pride in themselves.

We’re different from United States

According to the website, “The best way to impress most Canadians is to show what you have noticed is different from the United States, as there is a great deal of sensitivity and concern about being lumped in with our powerful neighbor.”

The website even suggests that Canadians often find themselves humbler, funnier and less aggressive than Americans, which are all good topics to bring up in conversation.

What are the Topics Need to Avoid During Conversation with Canadians

However, the website also informs newcomers to Canada that there are topics that they should also avoid when starting up a conversation.

Some of these topics include:

  • Politics
  • Salary
  • Religion

It also states that humor ‘should be approached with caution in Canada’ due to the fact that political correctness is strong in some areas of the nation.

There are also some non-conversational tips that the website is giving newcomers. Some of these include giving Canadians 14 inches of space when lining up in public spaces and to avoid burping in public.