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Are you a teenager looking to get your beginners driver’s license? Perhaps you’re a parent who is unclear about what’s required for your son or daughter to get a license. You want to know how to progress from a G1 to a G2 to a full G license. It’s important to know the basics of Ontario’s G licensing system.

These Oakville drive test videos will help you pass your G Full license in the first attempt. Just keep on practicing until you feel confidently to drive in the highways.

In the below details discuss about G1, G2, G driver’s license rules, requirements and restrictions. Get answers to commonly asked questions.

What Is A Graduated Driver’s License?

Young, new, and novice drivers are most likely to cause accidents. They have the highest driver fatality rate and pose the most risk. The graduated licensing program in Ontario, or GDL, helps to remedy this issue.

The Ontario graduated licensing system helps young drivers gain essential driving experience over a period of time. It creates a protective environment for new drivers and young drivers. This allows them to build driving skills and knowledge while progressing through the graduated drivers licensing system. The graduated license system has been in effect in Ontario since 1994.


A graduated driver’s license is a system in Ontario and throughout Canada to help new drivers gain experience. Most graduated driver’s licenses have three stages – learners, probationary license, and full driver’s license.

Ontario’s G License System Has 3 Levels

To drive with a full G license in Ontario, everyone must meet the requirements at each driving level – from G1 to G2 through to the full G license.

That’s why Ontario’s system for training and licensing drivers is called a graduated licensing program. You must graduate from one level to the next.

Ontario Driver’s License G Classes

The graduated driver’s license system in Ontario has three classes of licensing :

  • G1 license
  • G2 license
  • Full G license

The Full G License

About Getting Your G License

The G license in Ontario is the final step in the graduated licensing process. Getting a full license removes most driving restrictions and allows you to drive on all roads at all times. Getting the full G driver’s license gives you a sense of freedom. You can finally drive without restrictions.

It also provides you with sense of relief. The process is complete. You have no more road tests to worry about and you’ll get lower car insurance rates.

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