How to prepare your family for an earthquake [the big one]

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“Safety must start from homes”

Preparing your family for an earthquake

MANILA, Philippines – Is the Philippines ready for a big earthquake?

With the country surrounded by various active faults and trenches, earthquakes – whether weak or strong – are expected to occur.

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In fact, a 2004 study conducted by Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs), the Metropolitan Manila Earthquake Impact Reduction Study (MMEIRS) found out that a magnitude 7.2 earthquake could destroy 40% of the buildings and could kill about 30,000 – 40,000 people in Metro Manila – the country’s business hub and where government agencies are located.

While schools and offices in different parts of the country conduct earthquake drills regularly, these are focused on what the public and the government should do during and after an earthquake.

But what are the ways to prepare for it?

In a country prone to geological hazards, Phivolcs stressed the importance of preparedness, which should start within the family.

“Safety must start from homes. A family should discuss and have a plan as to what they should do in case of an earthquake,” the agency said.

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Here are some ways on how families can be prepared for the [big one].

  • Know the earthquake hazards in the area
  • Be conscious of the structural integrity of the house
  • Set up furniture and appliances in a way that they will not topple when there is a strong ground shaking
  • Prepare emergency bag/kit for each member of the family

Below is a Phivolcs infographic on what to do before, during and after an earthquake strikes

Earthquake awareness infographic

While earthquakes in general, cannot really be predicted, the risks it poses can be reduced by avoidance through proper planning, according to Phivolcs.

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Working for Parents and Siblings: A Filipino Tradition that Traps Individuals

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Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Filipino families.

I’ve just been thinking of this for quite a while now because many of my friends are working their asses off for their families and spend so little time and money on themselves.

One of my closest friends has been working three jobs to support his mom, dad, two siblings, a niece and two nephews. My friend has always been very hardworking. He works late hours and gets sick often. I always remind him to rest, but he jokingly tells me he doesn’t have the luxury to slack off because he has mouths to feed.

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A Filipino Tradition - Working for Parents and Siblings

I am in a similar situation.

I’ve been working for 10 years now, but I haven’t moved out of my parents’ home. It’s a little because of the comforts that come with staying, but it’s also because I am the one who supports the family. I pay for our utilities and groceries, and send my sibling to school. I usually save my money for all of those things and the last things I spend my money on are the things for myself.

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Many Filipinos stay with their families because they are obliged to give back, to pay what was given to them.

In a typical Filipino situation, once you graduate and get a job, you give your first salary to your parents instead of actually prioritizing on saving money.

I was never taught how to save; but after years of working, I realized that it is very important to save money for future needs and to focus on yourself a little.

Many millennials don’t move out of their parents’ home because this tradition of working for their parents and siblings is holding them back. This is also the reason why many millennials are single. Instead of giving themselves the chance to go out and meet people, they work long hours and go home afterwards to rest for the next working day.

Self-care or self-love is a little hard to come by nowadays because individuals prioritize the happiness, needs and wants of their families before themselves.

Most people who work for their parents and siblings end up stressed and itching for a vacation just to unwind and focus on themselves.

I remember watching a local movie called ‘This Guy’s in Love with U Mare!’ where Luis Manzano had to give money to his family. It’s the same situation that most Filipinos face everyday.

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As a Filipino Millennial what do you think of this scenario? Let us hear your sentiments in the comment section.